Search and Track Radar

Hanwha Systems developed VHF(Very High Frequency) radar, short range shipborne tracking radar and Chunma(K-SAM) Search and Track radar in order to provide effective search and tracking of targets appearing in surveillance zone.
The recent trends in radar development are diverging into two types: high performance radar and general purpose radar. The high performance radar type includes ultra long-range tracking radars, stealth airplane search radar, etc., while more general purpose radar features airport surveillance radar and marine radar. Hanwha Systems is focusing on high performance search radar like stealth search radar, etc.

  • Applied development of radar
    to detect stealth targets
  • Development of search and
    track radar to detect illegal
    unmanned aircraft
  • Specialized in radar technology
    with development and
    manufacturing Experience of
    K-SAM Radar


  • K-SAM Search and Track Radar
    (Chunma Radar PIP)

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    K-SAM Search and Track Radar
    (Chunma Radar PIP)

    천마 탐지 레이다 성능개량 제품
    K-SAM radar is the core censor for Chunma(K-SAM) System, comprised of search radar and track radar. Hanwha Systems is the first company in Korea which successfully developed digital search radar. In addition, TWTA transceiver, a previously imported item, was replaced with GaN-based S-Band semiconductor transmit/receiver module based on Our indigenous technology, greatly enhancing Chunma radar’s operability and maintainability.
    • On the move surveillance function and low flying helicopter surveillance
    • Capable of removing ECCM obstruction by phase
    • Capable of tracking the 2nd target within the beam width
    • Capable of responding to multiple targets
    • IFF function and engagement target selection
  • VHF Radar

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    VHF Radar
    (Very High Frequency Radar)

    VHF 레이다 제품
    One of the components for Next Generation Long-range Air Surveillance System to perform targeted search and tracking of stealth targets by utilizing full digital antenna technology and VFH features. Detected target information is provided to the upper chain of command like TMO(Theater Missile Operation) Cell, etc.
    • Applied Digital AESA form.
    • Fast call processing to provide real time surveillance of small-sized targets.
    • Designed antenna structure in consideration of moving and folding/unfolding.
  • Short-Range Shipborne
    Track Radar

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    Short-Range Shipborne Track Radar

    함정용 단거리 추적레이다 제품
    Essential device for ship protection. This product can detect low-altitude threats like anti-ship missiles and quickly provide target information such as target’s azimuth, altitude and panoramic images to the friendly forces.
  • APS Radar

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    (Active Protection System)

    능동 APS 제품
    Active Protection System can neutralize anti-tank missiles and anti-tank rockets of the enemy forces fired against the tanks of the friendly forces. This APS radar can be utilized for Helicopter APS, Ship APS, Armored Vehicle APS, K-SAM APS and L-SAM APS.
  • High Speed, Micro-sized
    Target Surveillance
    and Track Technology

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    High Speed, Micro-sized Target
    Surveillance and Track Technology

    초고속 초소형 표적탐지 추적기술 제품
    Technology to survey and track high speed, micro-sized targets like high explosives and kinetic energy projectile.
    This technology can be utilized for helicopter active protection system, naval active protection system, unmanned aircraft surveillance track radar, drone surveillance track radar, etc.
  • EO·IR-linked
    Drone Surveillance

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    EO·IR-linked Drone Surveillance Radar

    EO·IR 연동 드론 탐지레이다 제품
    The device is to protect key government/civilian figures as well as facilities against drone threats. This device is comprised of radar(main sensor) and EO·IR(auxiliary sensor), easily detecting and tracking drones. Compared with existing military radars, Hanwha Systems’ EO·IR linked Drone Surveillance Radar has the advantages in terms of light weight, low cost and low power consumption. In addition, it is movable and deployable at any location where it is needed only with 2 persons. Also, it is capable of detecting ultra-low speed drones that moves as slowly as being almost standstill.