Multi-Function Radar

MFR is a highly advanced radar that integrates many different radar functions like detection, tracking, electronic warfare and missile guidance into one single radar, so that MFR can perform multiple functions and missions simultaneously.
Hanwha Systems is the top tier MFR-specialist company in Korea. We have delivered our MFR systems to various weapon systems for ground/sea/air platforms.
Now we are working on KFX radar system development by utilizing M-SAM MFR technologies. Also, Hanwha Systems is undertaking a series of key radar programs including FFX-II MFR, long-range surface-to-air guided missile MFR, M-SAM MFR PIP(Performance Improvement Program), which will help us to secure its position as a global MFR specialist company. Going forward, we will continuously be involved in the development of the most advanced radar technology that can be applied to ground/naval/air/space platforms, thus contributing to building ROK Force’s independent ISR mission capabilities on the Korean Peninsula.

  • Development of Korea’s first
    AESA radar for fighter jets
  • Development of Korea’s first
    fully digitalized AESA radar
  • Equipped with the mode suitable
    for low altitude terrain
다기능레이다 제품군



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    (Long-range Surface-to-Air Missile Multi-Functional Radar)

    장거리 지대공 유도무기체계 다기능레이다 제품
    Key sensor for L-SAM weapon systems to provide long range air defense against ballistic missiles or aircraft attacks as well as the operation of guided missiles. L-SAM MFR is a S-Band AESA(Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar which performs multiple missions such as target detection/tracking/IFF/guided missile coupling, etc., to respond targets like ballistic missiles/aircraft. The most notable feature of this product is that it is capable of detecting and tracking ballistic missile targets throughout the whole phases from the firing time to re-entry phase.
    • AESA(Active Electronically Scanned Radar)
    • High power/high efficiency semiconductor TRM(Transmit Receive Module)
    • Digital Beamforming and real-time call processing
    • Undertaking multiple missions including search and tracking of aircraft/ballistic missiles and coupling with guided missiles.
    • Multi-function radar operation mode(Zone search/queing/fence)

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    (Middle-range Surface-to-Air Missile Multi-Functional Radar)

    중거리 지대공 유도무기체계(천궁/철매-II) 다기능레이다(M-SAM MFR) 제품
    This MFR is the key sensor for Cheongung System (M-SAM), which performs mid-range, mid-to-low altitude air defense missions. M-SAM MRF is Korea’s first 3-dimentinonal phased array K-band radar. When conducting Compound Warfare, MFR systems allows for omnidirectional, simultaneous engagements with multiple targets.
    In addition, it is the key sensor for Chulmae II PIP, Korea’s core missile defense systems, too. Compared with the existing system, detection and tracking function for small-sized, high speed ballistic missile target is newly added. Its ballistic missile intercepting tests were successfully completed, which proved the system’s capability for providing protection against ballistic missiles at re-entry phase.
    • Korea’s first 3-dimensional phased array radar
    • Detection and tracking for mid-range aircraft target, IFF and electronic warfare features
    • Engagement with intercepting guided missiles by detection/tracking/communication
    • Detection and tracking of small-sized, high speed ballistic missiles (PIP type)
  • KF-21 AESA Radar

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    (Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar)

    한국형 전투기(KF-21) AESA 레이다(KF-21 AESA Radar) 제품
    AESA radar is the key sensor for aircraft, which can be compared to the eyes of KF-21. It performs various missions including detection and tracking of air and ground targets and generation of associated target images.
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  • FFX B-3 MFR

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    FFX B-3 MFR
    (Multi-Functional Radar)

    차기호위함 다기능레이다(FFX B-3 MFR) 제품
    Key sensor for FFX Ulsan-class Batch III frigate. This MFR is Korea’s first full-digital MFR AESA radar for naval vessels. It is capable of performing multiple missions including omnidirectional detection and tracking of air/naval targets, gunfire supports, etc. Also, it performs multi-purpose, complex missions such as AAW(Anti Air Warfare), ASuW(Anti Surface Warfare), EW(Electronic Warfare), AGW(Anti Ground Warfare) and Command and Control.
    • Korea’s fist, full-digital AESA radar
    • Equipped with DTRM(Digital Transmit Receive Module)
    • High performance call processor for real time processing of large volume data
    • Modular design applicable to various platforms