ATCIS 2nd PIP(Army Tactical Command Information System)

For the 2nd Operational Command and its subordinate tactical units, ATCIS 2nd PIP will build and improve the command and control system in order to provide command and control functions optimized for each unit’s particular mission performances; to share combat situations on a near-real time basis; to be closely interfaced with the command and control systems and surveillance and assault systems of each military component; and to support their joint operations during both wartime and peacetime.

  • Establish Command and Control
    Systems to effectively respond to the
    enemy threats, and to maximize the
    military’s operational and required
  • Securing joint operations and interface
    and sharing common battlefield
    situations in support of battlefield
    command and decision making
  • Effective Command and Control
    System to support quick commanding
ATCIS 2차 성능개량(2작전사) 제품군