UGS (Unattended Ground Sensor)

UGS is used in the locations where surveillance infrastructure is not available (I.e., areas where no border security soldier is assigned, the enemy’s likely infiltration routes or particular terrain where solider operation is limited.) By installing UGS surveillance sensors and image sensors, infiltration can be detected and the images of infiltration can be transmitted to the remotely located operators, such that infiltration can be spotted earlier and a proper response be made in a timely manner.

  • Detect infiltrating objects, and acquire
    the images
  • Transmit surveillance information
    (Including relay function)
  • Transmit surveillance, image
    information and remote control
  • Combine collected information, filter
    false alarms and estimate target
  • Display surveillance and image
    information, status information, store
    and manage surveillance information
무인지상감시센서(UGS) 제품군

System Components and
Main Functions

  • Surveillance Sensor & Image Sensor
    • Surveillance of Infiltrating Object
      & Capturing Infiltrator Image
    • False Alarm Filtering
    • Transmission of Surveillance
      Information (Including Relay Function)
    • Self-check
    • Remote Control Function Support
    지진동센서, PIR센서, 영상 센서
  • Repeater
    • Remotely Controlled Transmission of
      Surveillance and Image Information
    • Compilation of Collected Information
      and Estimation of Target Location
    • Self-check
    • Remote Control Function Support
  • Terminal
    • Receiving Surveillance & Image
      Information, Status Information and
      Transmitting Remote Control
      Commands for Sensors
    • Setting up Sensor Placement Plans
      and Related Support
    • Displaying Surveillance & Image
      Information, Status Information,
      Storing and Maintaining Surveillance Information
    • Remote Controlling and Managing of Sensors and Repeaters
    • Interfacing with B2CS Fire and C2 Functions
      and Situation Information Sharing Within Battalion
  • Installation Support Devices
    • Repeater, Sensor Installation
      and Collection Support
    • Remote Control and Manage-
      ment of Sensor & Repeater
    • Display of Image Information
    • Sensor & Repeater Installation Support
    • Sensor & Repeater Keeping and Carrying
    설치 지원 단말기, 휴대가방 / 설치지원도구