KTMO-CELL(Korea Theatre of Operations-CELL)

KTMO-CELL is the command and control center that overseas anti-ballistic missile operations within KTO(Korea Theatre of Operations). By combining various defense elements such as joint or combined surveillance and interception weapon systems, KTMO-CELL performs centralized anti-ballistic defense operations.
Due to the growing threats of ballistic missile attacks on the Korean Peninsular and additional requirements concerning surveillance and interception systems, KTMO-CELL PIP Program is intended to secure system interface processing capabilities through local developments.

  • Process track data received from
    surveillance systems, and provide
    that information to interception system.
  • Perform engagement control for
    interception system including
    ballistic missile threat level
    assessment and engagement
    priority decision (Active Defense)
  • Early warning and operation
    status dissemination thru AFCCS
    and ballistic missile warning systems
    (Passive Defense)
탄도탄 작전통제소 성능개량 (KTMO-CELL) 제품군