B2CS (Battalion and Below Command and Control System)

B2CS enables battalion or below units to share key combat situation and C2 information on a real time basis, thus ensuring to maintain continuous combat C2 capabilities during the maneuver.
By providing connections with ground tactical C4I systems, B2CS allows battalion and below units to share combat information with higher commands, thus enabling the Commanding Officer to make a quick decision based on accurate information.

  • B2CS-interfaced Systems :
    ATCIS 2nd PIP Systems, KVMF-Mounted
    Systems (4 Types), Surveillance Systems,
    Communication Systems
  • Interface Methods :
    TO use KVMF standard message
    interface based on TMMR
대대급이하 전투지휘체계(B2CS) 제품군

System Components and Main Functions

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  • Ease of Use
    Screens are organized to show frequently-used Function
  • Main Functions to be Selected and Organized Differently For Each Military Branch Users
    Menu is designed to allow the selection of main functions
    by the different user profile
    based on the user’s military branch organization
  • Ergonomic Interface
    Provides easy access for the users
    (Map-based, touch screen)
  • Convenient message input function
    Mandatory inputs and optional inputs are separately provided