Search and Track Electro-Optics

The technologies that Hanwha Systems has secured for search and track electro-optics devices are as follows: M&S system performance prediction & verification technology, optics design and analysis technology, real time thermal image signal processing technology, high speed turret driving design technology, precision stabilization technology, system test & evaluation technology.
Hanwha Systems is Korea’s best electro-optics company that has core technologies required for the development of search and track electro-optics devices to be installed on various platforms.

  • Ample experience in electro-optics
    development and manufacturing
    beginning from Night Vision
    development in 1978
  • Operation of stand-alone electro-
    optics systems like “Quantum
    -Eye” to expand the exports
  • Collaboration with our contractors
    to secure excellent technology and
    competitive price


  • KF-21 EO TGP

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    KF-21 EO TGP
    (Electro-Optical Targeting Pod)

    한국형전투기 전자광학 타게팅 포드 (KF-21 EO TGP) 제품
    Electro-optic device for fighter plane. Provides search and tracking of targets during both day and night times, emanates high power laser to make precision guiding for guided missiles. Read more
  • KF-21 IRST

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    KF-21 IRST
    (Infrared Search and Track)

    한국형 전투기 적외선 탐지∙추적 장치 (KF-21 IRST) 제품
    Detects and tracks air targets and provides target information
    IRST System provides detection and tracking of air threats thru infrared sensor-based wide area search. This electro-optic equipment provides such information as direction and elevation as well as infrared images of approaching threats including enemy fighter plane or air-defense missiles, etc.
    Hanwha Systems’ IRST System utilizes passive sensor(infrared), which allows for search and tracking of targets during both day and night times under all weather conditions while not being detected by air threats.
    • Provides azimuth and elevation information and infrared image information of air threats such as enemy plane and air defense missiles.
    • Performs stealth operation under the emission control situation.
    • Utilizes passive sensor(infrared sensor)to provide target detection and tracking functions at both day and night times without the risk of being detected by the enemy.
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    (Target Acquisition Designation System)

    소형무장헬기용 전자광학 추적 장비 (15인치 EO·IR) 제품
    Detects, recognizes and identifies day and night targets in support of ground target strikes. Being equipped with HD-level thermal and daytime cameras, laser ranger finder, laser guidance for missiles and laser tracker to trace laser guides, TADS is the key sensor for Armed Helicopter.
    Provides EO·IR(Electro-optics/Infrared) images for forward observation and target acquisition; image-based navigation using thermal images of optical clocks; interface with fire control systems; calculation of target coordinates; target distance calculation; guidance for guided missiles and automatic tracking. It can be converted to observation and reconnaissance purposes and operated on unmanned or fixed wing platforms.
    • EO·IR images for forward observation and target acquisition and designation.
    • Image-based navigation based on optical clock thermal images.
    • Interface with fire control systems, target coordinate calculations
    • Target distance measuring, guides for guided missile and automatic tracking

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    (Forward Looking Infrared)

    한국형기동헬기(수리온) 전방관측적외선장비 (KUH FLIR) 제품
    Provides stable infrared images at night and/or under limited weather conditions. Offers geo-pointing and target observation and tracking functions to enhance the pilot’s mission performance capabilities.

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    (Electro-Optical Tracking System)

    사단급 무인기용 전자광학추적장비 (8인치 EO·IR) 제품
    Division-level UAV EOTS is a small-sized/light weight electro-optics tracking device that performs such functions as EO/IR image acquisition, automatic tracking and range finding of the targets in the area of interest. It provides high-resolution images of ground targets located several kilometers away.
  • EOTS for Anti-
    Aircraft Gun
    Wheeled Vehicle

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    EOTS for Anti-Aircraft Gun
    Wheeled Vehicle
    (Electro-Optical Tracking System)

    차륜형 대공포 전자광학탐색추적장치 (EOTS) 제품
    EOTS mounted on anti-aircraft gun wheeled vehicle system. When the external air defense system makes target allocation, EOTS is directed towards the allocated targets to detect and identify the targets and provide acquired target information, so that air-aircraft gun can engage with them. When the link with the external air defense system is blocked, EOTS can be switched to a stand-alone mode to make automatic target detection and tracking for a certain range as defined, or for all directions.
    • Small-sized, light weight structure to be easily mounted on various platforms
    • Fast automatic detection and precision tracking for all directions(360° degree angles) or for 45° degree angles of defined range
    • Search and track of small sized unmanned aircraft
    • Can be connected to external air defense network or operate stand-alone air defense mode with 360° degree angle of all direction observation
    • Modular design that allows for easy replacement of components
  • K2 Tank Sight

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    K2 Tank Sights

    K2 전차 조준경 제품
    These sights are mounted on K2 Tank(“Black Panther”). K2 Tank sights include GPS(Gunner’s Primary Sight) which assists the gunner’s firing decision, and CPS(Commander’s Panoramic Sight) which assists the tank commander’s target detection.
    • Cooled-type high-performance sights
  • K2 DTP

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    K2 DTP
    (Driver’s Thermal Periscope)

    K2 열상잠망경 (DTP) 제품
    K2 DTP is uncooled type thermal image device that can identify objects at night by using thermal sensor. The purpose of this device is to support night time operation of the tank driver.
    • Uncooled type, low power consumption, high-performance device
  • Vulcan Thermal
    Image Night Sight

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    Vulcan Thermal Image Night Sight

    발칸 열영상 야간 조준기 제품
    Mounted on Vulcan Cannon (20mm air defense artillery), this sight is capable of observing enemy airplane, land and sea targets at both day and night.
  • EOTS
    for Naval Platform

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    EOTS for Naval Platform
    (Electro-Optical Tracking System)

    함정용 전자광학추적장치 (EOTS) 제품
    EOTS for naval platform produces firing data for warship guns based on the image observations. Hanwha Systems’ EOTS for naval platform was first installed on PKG-A ship, then it has been continuously upgraded and mounted to the series of naval vessels including FFG-I(“Ulsan” Class B1), FFG-II ((“Ulsan” Class B2), LST-II, MLS-II, PKMR, FFX-III((“Ulsan” Class B3), KDX-III B2, etc.
  • IRST for Naval Platform

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    IRST for Naval Platform
    (Infrared Search and Track)

    적외선탐색추적장치 (IRST) 제품
    IRST is a component for FFX Batch-III Combat Systems. In order to improve naval vessel’s defense capabilities, IRST performs omnidirectional, simultaneous detection and tracking for multiple threat targets like low altitude antiship missiles. At the time of EMCON(Emission Control), this device performs omnidirectional surveillance functions in lieu of radar systems mounted on the naval vessel.
  • Hyperspectral
    Imaging Device

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    Hyperspectral Imaging Device

    초분광 영상 장비 제품
    Mounted onto unmanned aircraft, Hyperspectral Imaging Device acquires and processes image information segmented into fine wavelengths under oblique angle operation condition in order to identify and segregate concealed, mock or camouflaged targets.