Smart DDS

OMG DDS(Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems) is an international standard based middleware developed by Hanwha Systems.

  • Assuring real-time communication based on the optimum data distribution function in distributed system environment.
  • Confirmed to be a reliable and secure system as it has been applied to various weapons systems including combat systems.
  • Its quality and performances have been provide as it acquired SW accreditation(“Good Software”) from Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea.
Smart DDS 설명
Program Registration SmartDDS Registration (‘12.03),
SmartDDS Secure Registration (‘19.03)
“Good Software”
GS accreditation by the government designated quality assurance agency
(13-0212) : ‘13.09.
Trademark Registration SmartDDS Registration(‘17.06),
SmartDDS Secure Registration (‘19.03)
  • International Standard Technology-
    based DDS To provide for high level of
  • Enabling the development of light
    software architecture based on data-
    centric communications
  • Responding flexibly to system
    configuration changes to offer a high
    level of scalability
  • Efficient resource utilization as data
    transmission policy can be set up per
    the purpose of reception/transmission
  • Supporting standard-based
    middleware security technology such as
    user authorization, access control,
    data encryption, etc.
  • DDS Data Space Concept of DDS Communications
  • Data Centric Publish Subscript (DCPS) v1.4 / Real-Time Publish Subscribe(RTPS) v2.3 SmartDDS(Secure) Structure