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Talents that We Seek

Join us and contribute to defending this great country and its people.Enrich your dreams with us.

We are looking for talents.

Hanwha Systems hire people who embody in their daily course of work 'challenge, dedication, and integrity' as three core values.

We are looking for talents who are a good fit with Hanwha's core values

  • Striving to challenge the status quo

    • Fully engage in developing themselves to be the best at their job
    • Create unique measures and new opportunities with open and creative thinking
    • Set stretch targets with self-confidence and achieve them
  • Willingness to dedicate themselves

    • Always put ‘we’ before self and regard shared targets as the highest priority
    • Keep their words to customers and never cease to create values
    • Collaborate with colleagues having confidence in their potential with a sense of ‘we are sailing in the same boat’
  • Integrity

    • Behave with honesty and integrity playing by rules not being susceptible to short-sighted gains
    • Draw a distinction between work and personal life and be fair with evaluating coworkers based on their ability and performan