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Hanwha Systems, defending the Republic of Korea with cutting-edge technologies, is now taking another leap forward.

Our vision is to be a global defense business representing the country, operating with the spirits of Challenge, Dedication and Integrity.
Striving to provide best-of-industry quality products and technologies, we never spare any effort to bring our customers the best.

  • Leveraging the latest and the best digital defense technologies in the country, we will open the door to a promising future.

    A comprehensive solution provider for defense electronics for C4ISR and PGM, Hanwha Systems has the latest technologies in a range of areas: mainly radar, optronics, tactical communication systems, combat command systems and fire control systems that work like the brain and nerve systems of military weapon systems. With successful development of core technologies for weapon systems in a host of areas ranging from KM-SAM Multi-Function Radar(MFR), Thermal Observation Device(TOD), Tactical Information Communication Network(TICN), military combat system, we have made significant contribution to force improvement of the military in Korea. What’s more, driven by us joining Hanwha Group in the year of 2015, we have become well-suited to create synergies with other defense affiliates of the Group – Hanwha Corporation Hanwha Defense Systems and Hanwha Aerospace - undoubtedly emerging as the best digital defense company in the local market.

  • We will push even further so as to create new values using our high-caliber R&D talents with precision technologies.

    Another goal we set ourselves is to help enhance competitiveness of the local defense industry at the global level. To this end, we have specialist R&D engineers accounting for more than 60% of our workforce grasping the capabilities required to develop core technologies and perform R&D activities for weapon systems.
    Standing at the forefront of the digital defense business requiring high-caliber precision technologies and expertise, Hanwha Systems will continue to nurture R&D talents and make foresighted investment. In so doing, we will do our best to bring new values to our customers.

  • By implementing cutting-edge procedures and rigorous inspection, our solutions are created in the state of the art facilities by the highest caliber experts.

    Hanwha Systems by our quality with an impeccable defect record resulting from an award winning Quality Assurance System.